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TrustCor Evolves Email Identity Protection and Security, Launches

PANAMA, Jan. 12, 2016 /CNW/ - TrustCor, a leading provider of privacy products and services for businesses and individuals, announced the beta release of – the first service to allow users to create unlimited virtual identities for exchanging email that is both anonymized and encrypted – bringing identity protection and privacy to new heights. helps users protect their online identity by providing unlimited virtual email addresses, allowing for a multitude of personas or identities. Create a virtual email address for each person, business or purpose and will keep your true email address, identity and location private and protected – eliminating the identifying details or "meta data" that most emails leak. Users control what they receive, ignore or block – making it difficult for others to track them, market to them, or steal their identity. The service provides a number of free and premium domains and users are encouraged to bring their own domains to experience even greater flexibility. Virtual email addresses are credible and enable users to send and receive email privately and securely.

" reduces or eliminates the way people learn about you by watching your communications," says Wylie Swanson, TrustCor's co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. "It protects the content of your emails, your location, and works with your existing software and providers without requiring changes. Unlike other services, you don't have to download new apps or change service providers. These features are critical differentiators because users have increased protection even when their contacts don't use or support encryption. For example, when a bank or airline sends statements containing sensitive information, like your travel itinerary, the emails are encrypted before they reach your inbox and cannot be profiled, read or decrypted – not even by your email service provider or someone with your account credentials."

"Encryption provides the highest level of privacy and security for e-communications, but there are two prevalent standards, OpenPGP and S/MIME, and they are not compatible. For example, Facebook supports OpenPGP-based encryption for email notifications, but Microsoft and Apple products don't natively support OpenPGP, in favor of their native support for S/MIME. solves these compatibility challenges because it supports both standards, and delivers email using the technology standards chosen by the user. In other words, the only way to read encrypted email notifications from Facebook natively on an iPhone is to use" Swanson added, "Beyond supporting both encryption technologies, we decided to provide free-of-charge encryption certificates to all users that sign up for the service. While the free certificates benefit users of, they are the industry standard and the value goes well beyond using the service – they can also be used with any other application or service that supports S/MIME security standards."

TrustCor has been working with device manufacturers, major software companies, and WebTrust-certified auditors for the last two years to develop their globally trusted certificate authority, which is the acknowledged cornerstone to online security and privacy. "TrustCor already uses the certificate authority to guarantee security between elements of the infrastructure." Swanson added, "We also generate secure email encryption certificates and keys for all virtual identities and their associated contacts. With this capability, we can encrypt and protect your messages at rest when they're saved on your computer or phone, as well as when they're being transmitted across the network, without using any third parties that may not honor your privacy the way we do."

"To further protect users from aggressive governmental snooping,'s technical operations are based in Curaçao – now seen as one of the most secure, privacy oriented jurisdictions in the world. Traditional safe havens such as Switzerland and Luxembourg don't even come close to the privacy protection offered by Curaçao's strict privacy laws." Swanson continues, "We wanted to build right from the ground up. We needed our technical operations in a legal jurisdiction where it's difficult or impossible to compel us to reveal anything regarding your privacy." In addition to Curaçao, maintains secure transmission nodes in Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States, and more are being added. This has the major advantage of allowing users to associate their identities to these specific regions. It also allows the service to use sophisticated telecommunications routing to avoid known areas of concern when it comes to government snooping.

You can now create a free beta account by visiting – Regular user accounts and service will always be free of charge, but compelling premium features are also available for a reasonable cost.

About TrustCor:

TrustCor's vision is to provide state-of-the-art, simple to use, privacy enhancing products and services for businesses and individuals. Using our privacy and security suite, certificate authority, global infrastructure, geo-jurisdiction advantage, and extensive expertise, will protect your digital footprint. Follow us on Twitter @TrustCor, for the latest developments in our privacy enhancing products and services.

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