Information most urgent to our customers and end-users

Last updated: 2022-12-02

Commercial Certificates (wholesale and retail)

  • All our resellers have been notified we will not offer new or renewed server certificates commercially at this time
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, certificates issued before November 1, 2022 are and will remain fully-supported with customer service, world-wide trust and proper behaviour
  • Due to Microsoft's (unprecedented and unsubstantiated) unwillingness to provide equal treatment as the Mozilla community to bridge the 29-day issuance gap from Nov 1 to Nov 29, TrustCor will remunerate our wholesale customers financially to cover their re-issuance of competitive replacement certificates for their end-users during this period; we realize how ridiculous and unnecessary this seems for these thousands of end-users; we requested Microsoft's help in writing to correct this by shifting the date 29 days to adopt the same dates as the larger community, and we are disappointed more could not be done

MsgSafe Secure Communications Services (freemium and premium)

  • All OpenPGP-based (RFC4880) capabilities will continue fully-supported
  • Enterprise/forwarding email addresses protected with user-provided S/MIME public keys will continue to be fully-supported
  • Provisioning of S/MIME certificates for each customer identity will no longer be offered or supported

Some of these changes will take place immediately, others will go into effect as soon as practicable during maintenance windows. Please check back to this page as further updates unfold. Additional background on the genesis of these changes will be posted separately.