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TrustCor Systems, First AMS-IX Caribbean Customer of 2015

TrustCor Systems S. de R.L., a provider of state-of-the-art privacy enhancing products and services for businesses and individuals, is the first customer in 2015 to connect to AMS-IX Caribbean in Curaçao. By connecting to this Internet exchange, TrustCor is able to reduce upstream connectivity costs and improve global efficiencies, fault-tolerance and quality of service.

The infrastructure of AMS-IX Caribbean allows customers to interconnect and exchange IP traffic, better known as peering, directly with all other AMS-IX Caribbean customers. This reduces the need to send traffic through a commercial transit provider. With many major global IP networks and other Internet players peering in AMS-IX Caribbean, a connection allows for easy and relatively inexpensive connectivity through BGP peering.

"Taking advantage of multiple international fiber routes is part of TrustCor's long-term strategy to make eavesdropping on communications significantly more difficult for those intent on violating the privacy of our customers," said Wylie Swanson, TrustCor’s Chief Technology Officer. "Increasing the diversity of our Internet access gives worldwide communication companies, and our customers, more options to reach our services through many different paths. By peering at AMS-IX Caribbean, TrustCor is taking another step towards protecting the privacy of our international customers."

AMS-IX Caribbean saw considerable growth during the previous 15 months. The peak traffic number increased by 76 percent from 3.8 Gb/s at the end of 2013 to 6.7 Gb/s in March 2015. Currently, 13 customers are connected to AMS-IX Caribbean.