Install an SSL Certificate - Overview

How to Install an SSL Certificate

This page will provide you an overview on how to install an SSL Certificate and its prerequisites on some of the most common server types.

Once you have received your TrustCor SSL Certificate, the next step is to complete the technical installation process on your web server or hosting platform. This process will require the certificate requester or technical contact to have direct access to their web server or hosting platform. To help you get started, we have provided direct links on this page to step-by-step installation instructions on how to install an SSL certificate on the most common web servers and hosting platforms.

Intermediate Certificate

When you install an SSL certificate on a server, you'll also need to install an intermediate certificate. This intermediate certificate establishes the trust of your SSL certificate by tying it to your Certificate Authority's root certificate (your TrustCor issued SSL certificate → the intermediate certificate(s) → TrustCor root certificate). The Intermediate Certificates are necessary for browsers to trust the SSL Certificate you are going to install. Find and download TrustCor's Intermediate Certificates.

Common Platforms & Operating Systems